Croatia = My Dream Honeymoon

After my husband proposed three and half years ago, I told him, “This is what’s gonna happen.  I’m going to pay for the wedding, you’re going to pay for the honeymoon.  I want to go to Hawaii.”  Don’t worry, he wasn’t still on one knee.  I told him that after I said yes.  After a few months of wedding planning he said, “This is what’s gonna happen.  I can’t afford Hawaii, so we’re going on a Carribbean cruise.”  Awesome.  All I really wanted was beach time anyway. 

It was wonderful.  We went to Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Cozumel.  And now we’ve been married for two and a half years and I’m ready for another honeymoon.  Except once you’re married, you call them vacations.  We have had a couple of weekend getaways, but I want at least a week, and I want a beach.  Let’s be honest:  I want Croatia.

It was my 2009 New Years resolution to go there.  2009 and 2010 came and went, and no Croatia.  I clicked on The Knot’s Top 50 Honeymoon Hot Spots the other day, and guess what came up first?  Dalmation Coast, Croatia.   Here are The Knot’s stats:

Why This sea destination has one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe.

Honeymoon To-do Island hop from Trogir (ancient town) to Brac (great windsurfing) and then Hvar (known for its wines). End on the mainland in Dubrovnik.

Where to stay Excelsior Hotel & Spa, close to the Old City.

Must-try Dish Palacinke — Croatia’s answer to the crepe.

All of this sounds like heaven to me, propelling me on a “Dubrovnik Croatia” Google Images obsession.  Here are some photos to drool over this lovely Monday.  What’s your dream honeymoon/vacation?