Wedding Trends 2017

Watching the ebb and flow of wedding trends over the years is one of the best parts of our job.  In years past, it seems trends would last 5-10 years for most not working in the biz.  Now, we can virtually attend hundreds of weddings in one sitting, thanks to our little ol’ friend Pinterest, am I right?  I do think this makes for fast turnarounds for trends, however.  (Remember in 2011 when everyone recycled old wooden pallets for just about anything?)

I’ve probably had a dozen mother of the brides telling me that when they got married, their dress had huge shoulders, like this one below, via Awkward Family Photos.

1980s wedding couple, poofy sleeve wedding dress
I don’t know who you are, wonderful 1980’s wedding couple, but I hope you are still this happy.

When I got married, it was at the tail end of the strapless wedding gown trend.  When I see the photos now, I’m surprised at how much skin I’m showing.

bare shoulder wedding dress
brrrrr! I could use a sweater in 2008.

A wedding trend lately that I’m pinning week after week, is balloon garlands.  I know what you’re thinking, that balloon garlands are from 80s prom movies with Molly Ringwald, but the new and current installations use all shapes and sizes, with monochromatic OR color Or ombre schemes.  They can serve as a backdrop for the vows, or to add whimsy behind a cake or gift table.

wedding balloons

Image via here.

This one’s a favorite, since it’s impressive with it’s combination of florals, but check out some others I love here.