8 Things to Never Say to a Newlywed

Usually when I refer to wedding etiquette on this blog, I’m talking about invitations or something that has to do with the day itself.  I came across this very clever article, outlining the 8 Things to Never Say To A Newlywed.  I’ll list them here, but be sure to check out the full slideshow to see why each could be offensive or cringe-worthy.

1.  “It’s so refreshing to see a bride who’s not a size zero.”

2. “Oh, God, your wedding: Can we talk about that exploding chocolate fountain?”

3. “I can’t believe you made me sit next to her.”

4. “You’re not taking Dinkleschmidt for a last name, are you?”

5. “I can’t wait to be a grandparent!”

6. “How many people did you invite to the wedding?”

7. “How’s married life?”

8. “I always thought you’d end up with…”