9 Year Anniversary Traditional and Modern Gifts

My husband and I celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary earlier this month (ten-four, to be exact).

Okay, saying we “celebrated” it might be an exaggeration; not because it wasn’t something to celebrate, but because I flew home from Vegas that evening pretty late.  I actually walked in the door at 11:58pm, so I did officially (and unceremoniously), get to hear my husband snoring in person on our anniversary.  The next day, we promised to celebrate over the weekend with a sushi date.  And we did – it was very romantic with our three year old daughter in tow!  I know what you’re thinking – will my 9 year anniversary be that boring?  The truth is, we know we are very lucky to have each other and our health, and nine wonderful years together.  We are definitely looking forward to the huge milestone of 10 years next year!

While the way we’ve celebrated may have changed over the years, it’s still fun to check the traditional and modern anniversary gifts.  The ninth anniversary traditional gift is willow, wicker, or pottery, and the modern gift is leather.  I think in my dream world of unlimited time and resources, I love the idea of a wicker picnic basket with you know, plenty of wine.  In my real life, a coffee mug would probably fit the bill as a pottery item, right?

Cheers to every anniversary a couple gets to spend together.  Each year is a milestone!