A Case for Edible Wedding Favors

After four years of working in weddings, I have come to a conclusion about favors: if you opt to have them, they should be an edible treat.  Whether it be an elaborate candy station or a simple package of mints, a little something to be enjoyed now or later is much more practical than, you know, another tchotchke!  If you’re a borderline hoarder like myself, you feel guilty tossing away a personalized votive candle or tiny photo frame from a friend’s celebration.  While I know this sounds more like a personal problem that could land me on the hit A&E tv show, I assure you that I’m simply making a case for practical wedding favors!

Here is a simple package of mints.  Wrap them in scrapbook paper with cute tags and viola!  Instant favors.  Lifesavers in a tux, if you will.

(Image via here).

And here is an elaborate candy station a bride had displayed at Heather’s Glen.  Favors for here or to go- each guest chooses their own medley!