A Little One-Year Wisdom…

One of my favorite websites to peruse is www.truuconfessions.com/channels/Brides.  It’s an anonymouse website where brides can confess their inner-most secrets in a box on the right of the screen.  Within a few minutes, other brides are clicking away to “fave,” “omg,” or “me too” your confession.  Not only is it hilarious and entertaining (check out the other channels on the site, too), but it’s really enlightening to see what brides are stressing over.  It’s not uncommon to read a confession about a bride wishing her fiance had gotten her platinum rather than white gold, or a bigger diamond.  I mean, come on, who could you actually utter those words to that would not want to kill you? 

Two weeks until my one year anniversary.  This one year flew by!  It feels like just yesterday the electricity was out thanks to Hurricane Ike, and I was in panic mode, constantly praying for it to come back on so the wedding would go as planned.  It did (thank you, God!), but that was definitely my biggest stressor during the few weeks before the wedding.  Reading these brides’ confessions do help you gain perspective.  I want to tell all of them to calm down, to assume SOMETHING WILL go wrong so they can relax and take the day as it comes.  I’m not guaranteeing something will actually go wrong on your day, I’m just encouraging brides to embrace the attitude that anything can happen, huge or tiny, that you may not expect.  It could be a hurricane, it could be that you forgot the favors.  At the end of the day, though, you’re still getting married.  A year later, you’ll look back and smile and wish you hadn’t stressed so much. 

So relax, brides!  If you are indeed freaking out about your upcoming nuptials, this is your guilt-free excuse to go get a massage and take it easy.  Your wedding is just one day, the first day; your marriage is the rest of your lives together as husband and wife.

2 thoughts on “A Little One-Year Wisdom…

  • October 6, 2009 at 10:35 am

    Well hopefully no Ikes (or Katrinas) will show up uninvited to my wedding! That site you linked to is hilarious btw…and actually pretty helpful. As a guy it’s petrifying thinking of all the ways you can screw up! She won’t give me any hints, so I feel a lot better going with platinum and a decent sized diamond. I was already thinking about going with platinum since it’s more durable, but after this it’s settled…don’t want her winding up on truuconfessions!


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