A Moment In Time

On Sunday morning, I had an appointment with a bride who told me their engagement story.  A lover of all things Legend of Zelda, her fiance planned out a huge, elaborate game of her own, including maps and a wooden sword, and ending with a stunner of a past present future engagement ring!  It had taken him months to plan and prepare, and she was shocked and delighted.  “Did you take any pictures?!” I asked her, getting ready to have her email them to me asap to share with the blog.  She explained that they hadn’t, that the proposal was “just for us.”  There was absolutely no disappointment in her voice when she answered, and it was clear that she wouldn’t have had it any other way.  Their engagement was a private moment, just for them to retell to others as they like.

Often times on the blog I post YouTube videos of incredibly produced and public engagements.  I can’t help but think that the pressure is on a lot of men to not just hear “yes” when they propose (enough pressure in itself!), but to document the whole thing and then have it go viral.  Sweet stories of a couple sharing a moment in time to offer and accept a proposal, without anyone else in the world, sounds like a good old-fashioned love story to me.

Poll: What would be your ideal proposal?  Would you rather be the recipient of a viral video hit, or a private moment with your fiance and maybe some family?  Answer in the comments below.  


{Zelda wedding cake topper via here}