Behind the Scenes at Heather’s Glen…

…is our amazing staff that makes each wedding incredible.

For both 2008 and 2009, Heather’s Glen has received the Best of Weddings award from The Knot.  Under our profile blurb for the award, a bride quoted that “the people on staff were awesome!”  This was such a thrill for us, because it’s the people that work the wedding that make it so seamless.  From the experienced and professional chef who prepares the food, to the uber-talented DJ who emcees the event and makes sure the party stays alive, the staff at Heather’s Glen, for lack of a better word, ROCKS!  Our bartenders, Wendy and Travis, are friendly, professional, and ensure safety for your guests.  Lela, the coordinator, keeps the wedding and reception on track, yet blends into the background to keep every detail in check.  No need to worry about cutting the cake just so, because Lela will be at your side to guide you and then step back so that your unforgettable pictures make you look like pros!  Couples getting married at Heather’s Glen can abandon any stress about dance cues and champagne toasts, because Lela will be orchestrating each perfect moment.  Two things we hear from guests at EVERY wedding:  how beautiful the gardens and chapel are, and how incredible the food displays are.  The on-site staff design and create the most ornate and yummy fruit, veggie, sandwich, and cheese displays.  We consider ourselves a family at Heather’s Glen, and are so proud to have these extraordinary people  be a part of it: Esperanza, Lucia, Maria, Janet, and Urbano. 

Thank you to all of the wonderful staff at Heather’s Glen for creating the perfect wedding day for hundreds of couples year after year!

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