Bella Swan’s Carolina Herrera Gown

I’m a little late climbing on the Twilight bandwagon.  In fact, I’m so late that I never actually got on board.  I’m not really sure why, but maybe one day I’ll pick up one of the books and catch up.  Until then, I am relying on other internet sources to inform me of Twilight wedding trends.  Evidently, the most recent one playing in theaters showcased the wedding of Bella and…is that Edward?  Or Jacob? 

Anyway, Bella’s gown, a Carolina Herrera, caused a sensation.  Considering the massive following of these books/movies, the designer and director knew they had to deliver- and in my opinion, they did not disappoint!  According to this article, Ms. Herrera designed the romantic back of the gown to be a dramatic surprise.  Wow.  Just beautiful.  The $35,000 gown features 152 buttons lining the back, and 17 buttons on each sleeve.  If you don’t have that kind of dough, replicas are made by Alfred Angelo starting at $799!