Blushing Bride

Fall is just a few weeks away and a surprising color is in trend- pink! When thinking of pink in a wedding, doesn’t everyone usually think of spring? I know I do. It’s just not the case this year! Now, not every shade of pink can be used during the cooler seasons. This fall it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of dusty blush. This particular shade of pink is being paired with a champagne color to make for a vintage, elegant feel. And if you ask me, it’s working! Using a blush and champagne color scheme can make a wedding look as though it came right out of The Great Gatsby.

blush and champagne2

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blush and champagne3

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By adding gold, a hint of glamor is added to a very romantic look. Heather’s Glen is currently offering champagne colored table cloths for the reception hall!

If you’re looking to use pink in your fall wedding, but not necessarily into the vintage, glamour, Daisy Buchannan style, another fall trend is ombre.
Ombres have been extremely popular with hair coloring and clothing, but now they have made their way to wedding cakes! While you can ombre any color, pink is the color of choice this fall. Bride’s love the ability to ombre a wedding cake, because it allows them to incorporate a hot pink without it being too overpowering.

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Personally, I love this cake! It’s such a great way to use hot pink in the fall months. Ombre cakes can be done in any shades of pink. So if you’re wanting to stick with a blush color, it can be ombred, too!blush and champagne5

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No matter what your tastes are, there’s a shade of pink for every bride!

What do you think of the new pink trend this fall? Let me know below!

Xoxo, Brooke