Bonnie’s Fabulous Wedding Touches

Alright, I know I promised this blog a couple of weeks ago, but I’m finally getting it together!  Better late than never, right?


For those of you new to the blog, let me tell you a bit about Bonnie.  She’s one of Heather’s Glen’s absolute favorite brides.  Bonnie was an intern for us last year, and knows more about wedding trends than anyone I have ever met!  Most of my blogs are ideas that she’s passed along to me.  She and Chris were married on April 24th, 2010 in Huntsville, Texas.  Here are some awesome pics (courtesy of Heather!) and some of the awesome features at her wedding.

First, let’s just look at these cakes.  The bride’s cake has strings of pearls on them, because pearls are her favorite.  Very elegant, very lovely.  Now look at that groom’s cake!  It’s a Home Depot apron!  You’re thinking, he likes to buy tools, right?  Well, I have no idea if he does or not, but Bonnie and Chris met one summer between semesters while they were both working at Home Depot.  Notice the nametag part: it says, “Hello, my name is TAKEN.”


Let me first apologize about the quality of the next photo.  My dinky little digital camera didn’t get a great shot, but this is an Amish marriage certificate (not to be confused with marriage license, brides!)  Everyone who witnesses the vows signs it, and then it’s a beautiful keepsake.  Pretty much beats a sign-in book because you can have it hung in your home rather than in a box in the attic, like mine!

Next to the Amish marriage certificate was a table with framed photos of Bonnie and Chris’ relatives at their weddings!  I love this sentimental touch.

Here’s a shot of Bonnie’s mother walking her down the aisle.  This is when I think everyone teared up.  Okay, this is when I teared up.  haha!  Check out that gorgeous spring bouquet by Cheryl’s Flowers- just beautiful.

Something I haven’t found a picture of yet (sorry, my camera batteries bailed 10 minutes after the ceremony), is a picture of the coffee bar.  To really personalize their wedding, they served something they both love, coffee!  A display of coffees, syrups, along with some Bailey’s and Kahlua tied in with their crystal Waterford Irish coffee “toasting” mugs.

Congratulations to Bonnie and Chris 🙂  Heather’s Glen wishes you a lifetime of joy together!

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