Bouquet Toss?

Tasteful or tacky?  This author asserts it’s tacky.  Here’s her defense:

Did you watch the video?  While I agree that the bridesmaids’ behavior is tacky (yes, both of them, the one crawling and the one pulling), I think it’s still fun.  Something to keep in mind, however:  if you’re doing your own flowers, don’t forget to make a “toss bouquet,” otherwise you’ll be throwing your actual bridal bouquet.  Also, know your party.  If your bridesmaids wouldn’t be caught dead trying to catch it (today’s culture that celebrates being single makes some women avoid the tradition), then consider opting to forego it.  If a couple of your ladies are hoping to get engaged and giggle at the idea of catching it…maybe it would be fun.

What about the garter toss?  I think that’s super tacky!  But only because I hate watching the groom take it off the bride’s leg.  I’m a prude like that. 

What do YOU guys think?

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