Bridal Shower #1

So, as I reported in an earlier blog, I have 2 weddings and their respective showers this spring.  On Saturday I attended the first shower: Bonnie’s.  Bonnie was an intern at Heather’s Glen last year, and knows EVERYTHING there is to know about weddings.  She’s been planning her own wedding since about six months after meeting her future husband 🙂 

The shower was delightful.  The springtime theme was displayed with the pink tulips, plaid Easter-ey tablecloths, gerber daisies, and flower seed favors.  The tags attached to the zinnia seeds I picked up read: “Find a perfect garden plot / and plant these seeds in a sunny spot / so they may grow and bloom / as a reminder of the bride and groom.”  So sweet!

I have to report on Bonnie’s gift from her mother.  She received a pair of crystal Waterford Irish Coffee cups!  Because Bonnie and Chris don’t drink champagne, they’re opting to toast with Irish coffee at their wedding.  I love this because they’ll be serving a coffee bar at their wedding!  Such a great idea. 

Waterford Irish Coffee Pair
Waterford Irish Coffee Pair


Love that crystal.  I’ll have more about wedding showers next week after hitting up Carolyn’s!