Bridal Shower #2

This weekend I went to Carolyn’s shower!  It was a little like a tea party.  Her fiance is from Canada, so tea served in mismatched tea cups were a nod to Victorian style.  A friend also mentioned to me that in Canada most families do not simply own one pattern of teacups, but rather end up collecting several kinds as different family members will bring one when they visit!  I love this idea- a lot less pressure to match all the china while entertaining!  Towards the end of the shower, one of the hostesses announced for everyone to look on the bottom of their teacup; two were a pattern called Carolyn, the bride’s name.  Those two guests received a prize.  Cute!  Each guest took a teacup home for a favor. 

I did get a great wedding idea on the way to the shower.  A bunch of us carpooled, and I was in the backseat with a dear friend, Lynda.  She mentioned that she went to a wedding once where the bride requested that all married couples bring a picture from their wedding day.  At her wedding, a table was designated for these photos and it was a huge hit!  The photos spanned several decades and guests got to meet each other and trade wedding day stories!  A table full of photos of friends’ and families’ wedding day?  Very romantic!