Bridal Shower #4?

Yes, I think it was the fourth one this year.  I’ll check my sources.

This was an extra-special wedding shower, because the bride is an employee at Heather’s Glen!  Wendy and Travis married here this past Saturday night, so a profile blog will surely follow within the next couple weeks.  What a great couple they are, and Wendy is not only an excellent asset to the Heather’s Glen team, she’s a very big part of the Heather’s Glen family!

Wendy’s shower itself was very traditional: a darling cake and sorbet punch.  Just a bunch of gals getting to know each other before the wedding and watching Wendy open tons of gifts.  I think I took a picture of EACH gift she opened, but don’t worry, I’ll spare you guys and post the fun ones with the Heather’s Glen crew! 

LaRenda, Wendy’s sister-in-law, kindly hosted the lovely shower.

Something I’ve been seeing a lot of at showers (now that I’m a professional shower go-er), is a box or book in which guests give words of advice, wisdom, or wishes for the couple.  I think it’s a wonderful keepsake. 

Here’s a shot of Wendy opening one of her first gifts, a rice cooker!

Here’s the gang together!  You may recognize Bonnie from previous posts; the press was all over her wedding and shower (this press was, anyway)! ;

While I have more wedding showers to cover, I’ll try to mix up my next couple of blogs with other wedding ideas.  Do you have any shower games, favors, or tidbits you’d like to share?  Comment below!  Don’t be shy!