Bridal Shower Ideas

Ever since I wrote about bridal showers the other day, I’ve been obsessed.  I’ve been looking up as much bridal shower info as I can, so that I can hopefully help you guys throw (or receive) the best shower possible! 

So here goes.  Who throws the shower?  Traditionally it was a non-family member, and often the maid of honor.  Now bridesmaids will throw it, sisters, a friend.  If you have the time and the means, throwing a shower is one of the most generous gestures you can do for a bride and her family.  It’s a time to give the bride a break from all her planning, shower her and her future husband with gifts to set up their new home together, and show her your love and support. 

The next step is figuring out a date to throw the shower.  A great time is between two months and two weeks before the wedding.  Saturday afternoon is most popular, but go with whatever works best for the bride.  If she would prefer a brunch or a dinner, kindly accommodate if you can.  After you have the date and time selected, ask the bride to provide a guest list.  The guest list will depend on the type of shower you are giving.  Is it a couples’ shower?  Or just ladies?  Close friends and family should be invited to the shower.  As I mentioned in my other blog, do not invite anyone to a shower that you are not planning on inviting to the wedding itself.  Seems obvious, but to my horror, there are people actually considering this. 

A theme is a great way to get the planning ball rolling.  Display showers are becoming more and more popular, as well as kitchen/bath showers, or bedroom/bath showers.  Another one that I’ve heard of, but have never attended myself, is an “around the clock” shower.  Guests are encouraged to bring a gift appropriate to a particular hour of the day.  Once you’ve got a theme chosen, the fun part (in my opinion) of choosing the invitation is next!  I love browsing through and for these kinds of invitations. 

The rest of the planning includes deciding on a location, menu, and activities.  While many people opt to give a shower in their homes, tea houses and restaurants are becoming more popular.  The advantage of not giving a shower in someone’s home is that most of the set-up and clean-up are already taken care of!  The disadvantage is that the food may be more expensive, depending on the location. 

The next step is to plan any entertainment.  Games are fun, can be an icebreaker for those who don’t know each other, and create a comfortable and casual atmosphere.  If you choose to be out to dinner, rather than the classics charades or pictionary, a simple yet fun game of wedding telephone can be a more suitable choice.  Otherwise, tons of wedding-themed games can be found online.  Be sure to have great prizes for the game winners! 

Provide practical and thoughtful favors for the guests.  It is also extremely important to keep track of who gave what gift, either while the bride opens them, or as they are brought for a display shower.  Do this for the bride, or assign someone to do it.  Brides, send out thank-yous asap! 

Tons of people call us every week to hold showers here.  While we only do weddings, there are two places we love to consistently recommend.  Chocolate Passions in Conroe is wonderful because it has private party rooms and a delightful atmosphere.  It’s not only a chocolatier (YUMMY), but has a huge selection of gourmet coffees and a lunch menu.  The Vintage Garden Tea House in Montgomery is another wonderful place for a shower.  Several different rooms comprise the tea house and can accommodate different parties.  Sandwiches, salads, quiche, scones, and pastries are offered along with amazing teas.  I can personally vouch for the apricot bread pudding…mmm….

Happy shower planning!

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    Great ideas, thank you. I look forward to trying them out.

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