Brooch Bouquets

Last weekend, a Heather’s Glen bride made her own bouquet, as well as her bridesmaids’ bouquets, out of brooches. Anyone who plans (and re-plans and re-plans) their wedding on Pinterest is bound to have seen this before. I know I have seen it dozens of times, but for some reason I never gave it much attention. However, after seeing what our HG bride made, I really felt inspired to look into it a little more, and this is what I found:

il_fullxfull.263152537 Photo found here

Yep, that is Mrs. Miranda Lambert using a colorful brooch bouquet when she married Blake Shelton (*swoon*).

06107c3ba4b29530bae9023e37d6e690 Photo found here

855ebe9857b815583c779a90f7493b42 Photo found here

4cf55209502d58bfb095b151af60e3e1Photo found here

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3a5aaa185ae01651d654ee4751350235Photo found here

And lastly….

10422305_10152469414116945_6823267736745767411_nHeather’s Glen bride

As you can see, using brooch bouquets opposed to traditional floral bouquets adds a certain sense of vintage elegance. I’m so happy that one of our very own bride’s decided to make these unique bouquets.

Stay warm & happy new year,