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9 Year Anniversary Traditional and Modern Gifts

My husband and I celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary earlier this month (ten-four, to be exact). Okay, saying we “celebrated” it might be an exaggeration; not because it wasn’t something to celebrate, but because I flew home from Vegas that evening pretty late.  I actually walked in the door at 11:58pm, so I did … Continue reading 9 Year Anniversary Traditional and Modern Gifts

Weekend Getaway

For our seventh anniversary this weekend, my husband and I took our 15-month old to Fredericksburg, Texas.  We celebrated Oktoberfest, hiked Enchanted Rock (we didn’t get very far- my daughter pricked her finger on a cactus), and took in some fresh air at Pedernales Falls.  It was a beautiful weekend, and I’d recommend the Texas … Continue reading Weekend Getaway

Fifth Anniversary

Last week my husband and I celebrated our fifth anniversary.  We’ve been doing pretty well with our traditional gifts, except this year the traditional gift is…wood.  Yeah.  I couldn’t think of anything fun, and I knew he’s been wanting a french press, so I got him one of those and mentioned that I went with … Continue reading Fifth Anniversary

Elope on Valentine’s Day

We still have elopements available for Valentine’s Day! If you and your sweetie would like to say “I do” on the most romantic day of the year, give us a call. View our elopement prices and packages here. Image via here. Because, really, what day would be better for a wedding anniversary? P.S. These elopements … Continue reading Elope on Valentine’s Day

Sentimental Weather

It’s a cloudy November afternoon, and we had three elopements today, so hey, I’m allowed to be a little sentimental. Re-create these photos on your wedding day (or from your wedding day) if you’re feeling extra mushy like I evidently am. Image via here. Image via here.

Bachelorette Bubbly

I love champagne.  I love that it’s served when there is something to celebrate, and I love the sound of a cork popping.  I recently came across two really fun ideas for champagne at a bachelorette party.  The first is a Moet & Chandon rose champagne gift set.  It includes a chic pink bottle with … Continue reading Bachelorette Bubbly

10-11-12 Elopements

When choosing a wedding date, some people are very particular about the number on the calendar.  This year it is 10-11-12 (today!) that has us booked with elopements!  The next one we have is tonight at 7:30pm in the garden. What would be your ideal wedding date?  My husband and I went with 10/4, because … Continue reading 10-11-12 Elopements

Fourth Anniversary Fruit Face

Fourth anniversary. Traditional gift: fruit or flowers. Modern gift: appliance. As if this wasn’t tricky enough, my husband suggested we make something for each other this year, rather than buying gifts. This really foils my plan to drop hints about the ipad I want. I mean, that’s an appliance, right? So what should I make … Continue reading Fourth Anniversary Fruit Face

Adventures at Tiffany’s

My husband and I took a little “staycation” this weekend in Houston.  We saw Annie at the theater, ate at some of our favorite restaurants, and checked out the King Tut exhibit.  The obligatory shopping trip at the Galleria led us to browsing at Tiffany & Co. (key word here is browsing!).  My husband actually … Continue reading Adventures at Tiffany’s

3rd Year Anniversary: Leather. And Photoshop Contest!

It’s that time of year again.  I’ve got about two months before my third wedding anniversary, and I’m searching for the perfect traditional gifts.  The traditional third year gift is leather.  Let’s embark on this gift research journey together, shall we? For a woman, the perfect leather gift seems obvious, doesn’t it?  A Proenza Schouler … Continue reading 3rd Year Anniversary: Leather. And Photoshop Contest!