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Hankies for Happy Tears

We’ve all been to weddings where those tiny packs of kleenex tissues were at the ceremony site, available for your happy tears.  A sweet touch we’ve seen recently was a basket of vintage handkerchiefs, tied together with twine, for guests to take.  This is one of those fun yet completely doable DIYs; an afternoon with … Continue reading Hankies for Happy Tears

Modern Calligraphy Lesson

Last Thursday night, Heather and I had the pleasure of attending a Nib and Pixel Modern Calligraphy class at Post-Studio.  We really enjoyed ourselves (view that class and others given by Nib and Pixel here), and the two hour course really flew by because we were having so much fun!  I’m happy to report that … Continue reading Modern Calligraphy Lesson

Irish Wedding Bells

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I’ve got Irish wedding traditions on the brain.  There are evidently a ton of Irish wedding traditions, which is kind of unsurprising considering they’re known to be a superstitious people!  Ringing bells is one, considered to keep spirits away and to remind the couple of their vows. … Continue reading Irish Wedding Bells

Balloon Artist Entertainment

A couple that married here recently had the brilliant idea of hiring a balloon artist for entertainment at their reception!  The entertainer kept the children occupied while the adults were able to enjoy themselves as well.       If you’re having a lot of kids at your wedding, what ways will you keep them … Continue reading Balloon Artist Entertainment

Ornamental Love

I told Heather I wanted to do some DIY projects on the blog.  We ended up making some yummy Christmas ChexMex Mix, and then ate most of it and forgot to document any of it.  I don’t really mean recipes anyway, I mean more of crafty, Pinterest-inspired projects.  For example, I think it would be … Continue reading Ornamental Love


For years, it was rare to see a wedding reception without disposable cameras set neatly at each table.  The concept is fantastic: that guests would happily snap away throughout the night and capture moments the photographers couldn’t.  The guests would be instructed to leave the cameras there for the couple to develop later.  Unfortunately, it … Continue reading WeddingSnap

USB Drive Wedding Favors

I know last week I made an argument for the practicality of edible wedding favors, but today I discovered something super charming and especially useful:  USB drive wedding favors!  They’re perfect for you computer geeks out there (or students?), and can be personalized with your name and wedding date, and a ribbon in your wedding … Continue reading USB Drive Wedding Favors

A Case for Edible Wedding Favors

After four years of working in weddings, I have come to a conclusion about favors: if you opt to have them, they should be an edible treat.  Whether it be an elaborate candy station or a simple package of mints, a little something to be enjoyed now or later is much more practical than, you know, … Continue reading A Case for Edible Wedding Favors


I found this on pinterest.  You can purchase them from etsy (this seller), or have fun making them yourself!  What a fantastic keepsake- the funniest, or most touching, can be framed and hung in your home.         Images via here.

Personalized Gown Hangers

I’ve been seeing a lot of brides getting personalized hangers for their gowns from etsy.  They often look something like this:     Another sweet idea is to have them made for your bridesmaids.  I like these:   What a lovely, sentimental touch!