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An Alternative to the Bridesmaid Drape

It’s 55 degrees here in Houston today, and you know what that means: I could google winter in Texas memes all day. To be fair, it IS still officially autumn, but the cold front we’re having is definitely getting me excited for the winter weddings coming up.  Winter weddings in Texas are great because you … Continue reading An Alternative to the Bridesmaid Drape

Wedding Cake Christmas Ornaments

I came across a website where you send in a couple photos of your wedding cake, and they create a replica of it as a Christmas ornament! I actually think it’s a really cute idea, and could make a great gift for a couple’s first Christmas.  The company is called Aberrant Ornaments, and they quote … Continue reading Wedding Cake Christmas Ornaments

Fifth Anniversary

Last week my husband and I celebrated our fifth anniversary.  We’ve been doing pretty well with our traditional gifts, except this year the traditional gift is…wood.  Yeah.  I couldn’t think of anything fun, and I knew he’s been wanting a french press, so I got him one of those and mentioned that I went with … Continue reading Fifth Anniversary

Ungrateful Bride’s Email Goes Viral

Here’s the deal: if you invite people to your wedding with the idea in mind that their wedding gift will exceed the cost of their plate…you’re doing it wrong. Invite people to your wedding because you want them to be there.  Some people will give extravagant gifts, some will give what they can, and some … Continue reading Ungrateful Bride’s Email Goes Viral

Nordstrom x Etsy

Exciting news: Nordstrom and Etsy have launched a charming partnership, chock full of unique wedding accessories, home goods, and gifts.  A few of my favorites: His Coffee Her Coffee Spoons Set of 2 ($25) It’s Spiked Punch Ladle ($50) Geneva Bridal Fascinator ($110) What do you think of the collaboration?  

Love Story Gifts

I discovered this post about a charming DIY wedding, which described that the bridesmaids carried their favorite love story down the aisle rather than flowers.  As a lover of literature, I thought it was a great idea in theory, but perhaps not in practice.  It could be awkward for the ladies to carry them, and … Continue reading Love Story Gifts

Ring Holder Love

When I get home from a long day, my favorite first thing to do is take off my jewelry!  Do other people feel this way?  Maybe that’s why I love ring holders so much.  I have a little one that my mother in law gave me when I got married, and it’s right on my … Continue reading Ring Holder Love

Something blue (and pink!)

A couple of days ago Heather and I were shopping for a gift for a friend at Tiffany & Co. when we came across a sweet display in the front of the store, presumably for Valentine’s gifts.  Of the small leather goods, we saw a couple of darling notebooks. Check out the red and pink … Continue reading Something blue (and pink!)

Hungry for China Patterns

Maybe it’s because it’s lunchtime and I’m ready for a sandwich, but I’m just really enjoying checking out these china place settings.  Here are a couple from Wedgwood that are catching my eye. First, a flowery option:     Second, a geometric style: And then there’s the classic Waterford pattern called Newgrange.  Let’s all share … Continue reading Hungry for China Patterns

Personalized Gown Hangers

I’ve been seeing a lot of brides getting personalized hangers for their gowns from etsy.  They often look something like this:     Another sweet idea is to have them made for your bridesmaids.  I like these:   What a lovely, sentimental touch!