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Category Archives: Honeymooning

Weekend Getaway

For our seventh anniversary this weekend, my husband and I took our 15-month old to Fredericksburg, Texas.  We celebrated Oktoberfest, hiked Enchanted Rock (we didn’t get very far- my daughter pricked her finger on a cactus), and took in some fresh air at Pedernales Falls.  It was a beautiful weekend, and I’d recommend the Texas … Continue reading Weekend Getaway

African Honeymoons

Shark diving, safaris, beach combing, and surfing.  If any of these activities appeal to you, you might be interested in an African honeymoon. On this side of the world, our honeymoon destinations typically involve middle to south American beach resorts, or perhaps a tour of Europe.  African honeymoons, however, are becoming all the rage, with … Continue reading African Honeymoons

Inbox Items

Two things were in my email inbox this week that I thought you might like to be aware of. 1.  This Kate Spade “Mrs” tee is on sale for only $29 for two days only. It’s the perfect on the way to the airport honeymoon tee. 2. This is the second email.  You know, because … Continue reading Inbox Items

An Unbelizable Getaway

Last week Heather’s Glen staffers took a much-needed vacation to Belize.  If you still have not booked your honeymoon, I would seriously consider the island of San Pedro, right off of the coast of Belize.  Just a two and a half hour flight from Houston, the blue waters and and laid-back atmostphere will make you … Continue reading An Unbelizable Getaway

Carry-on Accessories

Packing up for your honeymoon?  These sweet accessories from Kate Spade could brighten up your carry-on!          

Cruisin’ it up!

Heather’s Glen staffers took advantage of a rare free weekend and hopped on a cruise! Okay, we didn’t just hop on, but we did book it within a week of embarking, and guess what? Last minute bookings are extremely affordable. If you’re eloping or booking a wedding within a short amount of time, I definitely … Continue reading Cruisin’ it up!

Croatia = My Dream Honeymoon

After my husband proposed three and half years ago, I told him, “This is what’s gonna happen.  I’m going to pay for the wedding, you’re going to pay for the honeymoon.  I want to go to Hawaii.”  Don’t worry, he wasn’t still on one knee.  I told him that after I said yes.  After a … Continue reading Croatia = My Dream Honeymoon

Honeymoon Under the Sea…

Just by the title of the blog, you’d think I’d be referring to snorkeling or scuba diving excursions during your honeymoon, right?  Wrong.  I’m referring to the new honeymoon suite that is available in the Maldives:  The Conrad Hotel is boasting the suite under the sea for it’s 5th birthday.  Wait, where? you ask.  The Maldives are … Continue reading Honeymoon Under the Sea…