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We’re Seeing a lot of Rose Gold Engagement Rings and We Sort of Love it

We’ve worked in the wedding industry for a long time, and in that time we’ve seen a lot of amazing trends and traditions. And we’ve seen some pretty questionable ones too… But if you’re planning on getting married and you and your soon-to-be fiancé are going ring shopping together, there’s a trend we’ve been seeing … Continue reading We’re Seeing a lot of Rose Gold Engagement Rings and We Sort of Love it

Silicone Wedding Rings

I was working out at a fitness bootcamp the other night (just gonna drop that there, all nonchalant, because I’m super proud of myself), and I noticed the trainer was wearing this bulky black rubber ring on his wedding ring finger.  The next night I noticed my workout buddy was wearing a pink one. I … Continue reading Silicone Wedding Rings

Sentimental Bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet is as sentimental as it is beautiful; created by Cheryl’s Flowers, the bride had Cheryl tie in her mother’s, aunt’s, and grandmother’s wedding rings into the bouquet. Don’t worry- they were safely knotted in with string. How will you bring sentimental touches into your wedding?

Musical Touches

This weekend we saw some fun musical touches for a couple of musicians getting married. I love these tambourines for their getaway! They also did a ring-warming ceremony.  Their minister prayed over their rings, and then passed them to their loved ones to each hold in their hands and pray over.

Kendra Scott Wedding Jewelry

  Kendra Scott jewelry has officially taken over Texas. Women of all ages have been rocking their bright baubles.  Did you know you can have a bachelorette party at participating Kendra Scott stores?  We’ve been seeing lots of bridesmaid gifts of their jewelry, too.  You can view the Kendra Scott bridal collection here, and you … Continue reading Kendra Scott Wedding Jewelry

Emerald Engagement Rings

Yesterday, a bride during one of my appointments mentioned her emerald engagement ring.  I started to ask “emerald cut diamond, or actual emerald,” but before I could completely get the question out of my mouth, I saw a huge flash of brilliant green as she held up her left hand!  It was incredibly stunning, flanked … Continue reading Emerald Engagement Rings

The Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

The Great Gatsby doesn’t hit theaters until May 10th, but the buzz surrounding Baz Luhrmann’s latest movie is in full swing!  Bridal retailers are all aboard the Gatsby train, including Tiffany & Co., BHLDN, and check out this season’s latest Weddings in Houston cover. Are you a Gatsby fan?  Will you include vintage, roaring-twenties themed … Continue reading The Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

Ring Finder Apps

I always want to try on different engagement rings and wedding bands, but the thought of wasting a salesperson’s time at a jewelry store makes me want to cringe.  I’m clearly not in the market for an engagement ring (already married), or to purchase a new band.  I came across a ring finder app on … Continue reading Ring Finder Apps

Ring Holder Love

When I get home from a long day, my favorite first thing to do is take off my jewelry!  Do other people feel this way?  Maybe that’s why I love ring holders so much.  I have a little one that my mother in law gave me when I got married, and it’s right on my … Continue reading Ring Holder Love

Inbox Items

Two things were in my email inbox this week that I thought you might like to be aware of. 1.  This Kate Spade “Mrs” tee is on sale for only $29 for two days only. It’s the perfect on the way to the airport honeymoon tee. 2. This is the second email.  You know, because … Continue reading Inbox Items