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Love Story Gifts

I discovered this post about a charming DIY wedding, which described that the bridesmaids carried their favorite love story down the aisle rather than flowers.  As a lover of literature, I thought it was a great idea in theory, but perhaps not in practice.  It could be awkward for the ladies to carry them, and … Continue reading Love Story Gifts

The Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

The Great Gatsby doesn’t hit theaters until May 10th, but the buzz surrounding Baz Luhrmann’s latest movie is in full swing!  Bridal retailers are all aboard the Gatsby train, including Tiffany & Co., BHLDN, and check out this season’s latest Weddings in Houston cover. Are you a Gatsby fan?  Will you include vintage, roaring-twenties themed … Continue reading The Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

Bibliophiles Unite!

I love the whimsy a stack of old books brings to a table centerpiece.  If you and your fiance are bibliophiles, I think this is a great way to let your personality shine through your wedding.  Not only are they easy to find at used book stores, they’re very affordable!  A cute project would be … Continue reading Bibliophiles Unite!

Wedding Readings from Literature

While many couples opt to have a reading at their wedding, not everyone chooses scripture.  Some select poetry (as seen in this post), and some choose literature excerpts.  Here are some beautiful literature readings that can be read at a wedding ceremony. In One Another’s Arms by Rumi The moment I heard my first love story I … Continue reading Wedding Readings from Literature

USB Drive Wedding Favors

I know last week I made an argument for the practicality of edible wedding favors, but today I discovered something super charming and especially useful:  USB drive wedding favors!  They’re perfect for you computer geeks out there (or students?), and can be personalized with your name and wedding date, and a ribbon in your wedding … Continue reading USB Drive Wedding Favors

Hunger Games Wedding Theme

I must be the only person on earth who hasn’t read (or seen) The Hunger Games!  I certainly plan on hunkering down and catching up, perhaps over Easter.  The Hunger Games buzz isn’t just at the movies and in the bookstore- it’s already in weddings!  Check it out. Images via here.      

“The Unbreakable Vow” Engagement

Attention, geeks and nerds!  (Because evidently, those are two different things)- check out this proposal.      I’ve never read the Harry Potter series, and I couldn’t see at first that the chapter the ring is on is called “The Unbreakable Vow.”  Sweet! We’ve all heard of finding a diamond ring in dessert after dinner, … Continue reading “The Unbreakable Vow” Engagement

Groom Writes Computer Program to Officiate His Wedding!

You hear of couples writing their own vows; you don’t often hear of someone writing a computer program to stand in as a minister! Diana Wesley and and Miguel Hanson, an Humble couple, got married last Saturday at the bride’s parents’ home.  When their friend couldn’t officiate the wedding as the two had hoped, the … Continue reading Groom Writes Computer Program to Officiate His Wedding!

A Wordsmith’s Proposal

Wow- this is a proposal for all you wordsmiths out there.  Marlowe Epstein did The Washington Post’s Sunday crossword puzzle each week.  Her boyfriend, Corey Newman, got the brilliant idea to have the puzzle’s answers spell out his proposal!  Watch the video. Did you tear up? Me too.

Do you know what your husband looks like?

Before you put on your glasses in the morning?  I didn’t.  I mean, I assumed he looked the same as when I had my glasses on or my contacts in.  But I didn’t KNOW.  I do now 🙂  He looks great! I got corrective eye surgery everyone!  Let me tell you what happened.  I was … Continue reading Do you know what your husband looks like?