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Why Open Houses are Helpful – Especially Heather’s Glen Open Houses!

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by something that you didn’t know where to start? Like you have so many questions about the thing that as it turns out you don’t know enough to even ask one of your million questions? It’s basically how I felt when Leonardo DiCaprio DIDN’T win an Oscar for Great … Continue reading Why Open Houses are Helpful – Especially Heather’s Glen Open Houses!

Emerald Wedding Inspiration

Can’t.  Stop.  Pinning.  Emerald. I even tried – but the Pinterest algorithms have me figured out.  Each time a new bright green wedding detail pops up, I can’t resist to pin it, for fear of losing it.  I’m talking shoes, gowns, and especially bands and engagement rings.  Here are some images I keep coming back … Continue reading Emerald Wedding Inspiration

Wedding MBA 2017 in Las Vegas

It was a bittersweet trip to Las Vegas this year.  We arrived the morning after the horrific attack, and the somber mood and grief was certainly palpable in the ordinarily playful city.  Our hearts mourn for the lives lost in the senseless tragedy, and find hope in the hundreds of stories of heroism surfacing in … Continue reading Wedding MBA 2017 in Las Vegas

Top 4 Most Used Items From my Wedding Registry

Creating a wedding registry can be daunting; the sales associates will encourage you to register for what you love, you’re trying to consider what you’ll use, all the while keeping in mind your gifters’ budgets.  While I love putting Valentine’s Day flowers in our crystal vase, and delight in setting the table with our fine … Continue reading Top 4 Most Used Items From my Wedding Registry

Who Wants Wedding Tips and an In-House Credit at Heather’s Glen?!

If you’re one of the thousands of people who are planning weddings in Houston this year, chances are you’ve heard of the Bridal Extravaganza. Also, if you’re claiming that you haven’t heard of the Bridal Extravaganza, I’m calling Mariah-Carey-level shenanigans on you. Sure you don’t know Jennifer Lopez, Mariah. Sure you don’t.   What you … Continue reading Who Wants Wedding Tips and an In-House Credit at Heather’s Glen?!

Modern Luxury Brides Houston

Modern Luxury Brides Houston is one of Houston’s most beautiful bridal magazines.  We were thrilled to attend their event last night; ballerinas danced while we mixed and mingled, and the menu and decor were truly reflective of the “luxury” in the mag’s name. Deviled quail eggs with caviar…served in a nest of thyme! Gorgeous ballerinas … Continue reading Modern Luxury Brides Houston

The Knot Mixer Event

Heather and I attended a rustic-chic party hosted by The Knot last month at Beckendorff Farms.  Oysters, live art, champagne served on a huge wooden swing, and swags of floral everywhere took an old barn to a new level.

Alice in Wonderland B.E.N.G. Meeting

Heather’s Glen fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland last week, hosting Montgomery County’s BENG meeting.  Enjoy the fun photos below, courtesy of Dave Dilauro Photography, and special thanks to the talented vendors that pulled off such a whimsical event, including: Sweet Tea & Linen, DJ Dave Productions, Cheryl’s Flowers, Susan Schnorr Harpist, and A … Continue reading Alice in Wonderland B.E.N.G. Meeting

Blair & Tyler 9-26-2015

We just got the beautiful images from Blair and Tyler’s wedding from last fall and Evoke Photography captured this fun couple so well.  Check out their lovely details below.