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A Moment In Time

On Sunday morning, I had an appointment with a bride who told me their engagement story.  A lover of all things Legend of Zelda, her fiance planned out a huge, elaborate game of her own, including maps and a wooden sword, and ending with a stunner of a past present future engagement ring!  It had … Continue reading A Moment In Time

The Chair

One of my appointments this week was with a bride who arrived organized and ready, armed with a bridal binder. These binders and books can be a super helpful resource as you’re touring venues, taking notes, receiving a bazillion business cards, and organizing creative inspiration that make up a wedding. I’ve seen these books and … Continue reading The Chair

Foresight Footage

With the abundance of good quality video cameras most of us are carrying in our phones these days, it’s not uncommon for a marriage proposal to be caught on “film.”  I remember being so proud that my husband had the foresight to have someone take pictures of that special moment for us.  A lot of … Continue reading Foresight Footage

Extreme Marriage Proposals

Marriage proposals are getting more and more out there.  Check out this video:   What are your thoughts?  Is it too much pressure for a guy?  Or, if he has the means, should he go all out?  

Coffee Talk

Like many people, I love my first cup of coffee in the morning.  And like many people, I’m a monster before that first cup!  This chilly November morning on my drive to work, I was extra thankful for my tumbler of joe keeping me toasty.  My husband and I have both a Keurig single-serve and … Continue reading Coffee Talk

Vegas and Proposal Fails

It’s been an exciting week for Heather’s Glen.  Heather and Lela hit up the annual wedding convention in Vegas, did some serious networking, as well as learn about the newest and latest in wedding trends and technology.  Exciting things are definitely in the works!  I will post some photos and specifics in a later post. … Continue reading Vegas and Proposal Fails

A Moment for Posterity

Here is a lovely engagement video that has recently gone viral. Shot by a videographer, just like an actual wedding, the video will be a cherished moment that the couple can enjoy and pass on forever. Just imagine if you could watch the moment your parents and grandparents got engaged! Kandace + Corbin | Engagement … Continue reading A Moment for Posterity

Lip-Dub Engagement

Just watch. You’re welcome.

Engagement Eyeliner?!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I wrote about engagement chicken?  (Did anyone make it, by the way?)  Another beauty editor claims she knows the secret to her recent engagement: Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Bora Bora.  She put it on, and her typically makeup-oblivious boyfriend stopped her as she was hailing … Continue reading Engagement Eyeliner?!

Love the man, hate the ring?

Some couples get ready for the engagement by ring shopping together.   They browse the counters together, pointing out what they like and don’t like about each ring.  I hear about a lot of guys asking their gals to show them what kind of engagement ring styles they like online first.  And then there are some … Continue reading Love the man, hate the ring?