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Wedit – Delightfully Shareable Wedding Memories

I came across a very cool non-traditional wedding video service.  If you like the look of home videos, this option could be for you.  If you prefer the look of professional videography, then perhaps not. The service, Wedit, mails you 5 HD cameras for guests to use at your wedding.  You mail them back after … Continue reading Wedit – Delightfully Shareable Wedding Memories

Madison’s Dream Wedding

Our intern Madison is here for the summer, and I love to pick her brain regarding all things style, fashion, and beauty.  While I’m kind of bumbling around in my mid-thirties look (like, what do I do?  I’m a 34 year old new mom. How do I even dress this weird new mom body?  Another … Continue reading Madison’s Dream Wedding

WeddingWire Hashtag Generator

  Back in my wedding day (2008), we didn’t have Instagram and hashtags like you kids today.  Ever wonder how weddings come up with the most clever hashtags for their weddings, with the play on words with their last names and such?  I came across this Wedding Wire hashtag generator for your wedding; just enter … Continue reading WeddingWire Hashtag Generator

Houston NACE Wedding Trends 2015

I unfortunately had to miss last year’s event, because at 8 months pregnant, I was under strict doctor’s self’s orders to bedrest as much as I could.  (What? My feet hurt, okay?)  This year, we were especially excited to be back at Houston NACE Wedding Trends – a fabulous night unveiling all of the industry’s … Continue reading Houston NACE Wedding Trends 2015

Wedding Webstops

I remember when a friend of mine first got engaged a few years ago, she was marveling that once she had a ring on her finger, she became part of a whole wedding culture that she didn’t even know had existed.  Once a person’s wedding radar is turned on, their lives become flooded with websites, … Continue reading Wedding Webstops

Minister vs. Photographer

Your wedding photographer may ask you if there are any restrictions at your ceremony for pictures.  Usually ceremony venues don’t have any restrictions, and sometimes churches do.  But even if you’ve cleared it with the actual ceremony site, be sure to double check with your minister if you don’t happen to know him or her … Continue reading Minister vs. Photographer

Reunited and It Feels So Good!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Sunnie and Andy, a couple getting married here in November.  After a few meetings of chit-chatting, their romantic story of reconnecting after 33 years came tumbling out!  The two were sweethearts in 8th grade, and their young courtship was suddenly interrupted when Andy had to move to Dallas. … Continue reading Reunited and It Feels So Good!

Venue Toast & Tour Footage

We’re excited to share footage of the first Venue Toast & Tour from last month.  Film the Day did a fantastic job of documenting the evening! Woodlands Bride Venue Tour from Randy Turner on Vimeo.   If you haven’t already seen it on Facebook, Film the Day also produced a lovely welcome from Heather:  

Ring Finder Apps

I always want to try on different engagement rings and wedding bands, but the thought of wasting a salesperson’s time at a jewelry store makes me want to cringe.  I’m clearly not in the market for an engagement ring (already married), or to purchase a new band.  I came across a ring finder app on … Continue reading Ring Finder Apps

Day After Christmas Reflection

Sometimes it feels like the new year should begin the day after Christmas. After all of the festivities, I kind of want to keep the momentum going, you know? And then other years, I’m grateful for that one week of reflection and getting things in order before the new year begins. There is something very … Continue reading Day After Christmas Reflection