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Modern Calligraphy Lesson

Last Thursday night, Heather and I had the pleasure of attending a Nib and Pixel Modern Calligraphy class at Post-Studio.  We really enjoyed ourselves (view that class and others given by Nib and Pixel here), and the two hour course really flew by because we were having so much fun!  I’m happy to report that … Continue reading Modern Calligraphy Lesson

Modern Calligraphy for Newbies

  Heather and I are so excited to join Kasey Lynn Photography for Nib and Pixel‘s Modern Calligraphy for Newbies workshop!  I’m trying to set realistic expectations for myself (in my mind, I’m the Michael Jordan of calligraphy writing, and I’ve never even done it), but I’m determined to practice what I’ll learn in a … Continue reading Modern Calligraphy for Newbies

To Stamp or Not to Stamp?

I remember when I was sending out my wedding invitations (almost 5 years ago!), I went to the post office to have the invitations hand stamped before they went on their merry way.  I did this for the very important reason: my mother told me to.  I patiently waited in line, then proudly presented my … Continue reading To Stamp or Not to Stamp?

RSVP Honesty

Finally, a bride just puts it all out there: Because, isn’t this what we REALLY want to ask our guests? View the rest of the story here.      

Ornamental Love

I told Heather I wanted to do some DIY projects on the blog.  We ended up making some yummy Christmas ChexMex Mix, and then ate most of it and forgot to document any of it.  I don’t really mean recipes anyway, I mean more of crafty, Pinterest-inspired projects.  For example, I think it would be … Continue reading Ornamental Love

What to do with a couple of leftover invitations

One of the most arduous wedding tasks is tackling the guest list.  First you make a rough list.  Then you chase people down for addresses.  Then you cut it back.  You go over the list so many times that you begin to have your future spouse’s cousin’s address memorized! I have a couple of addresses … Continue reading What to do with a couple of leftover invitations

Custom Stamps and Embossers

DIY is charming and awesome…but only if it doesn’t look DIY! If you’re doing your own wedding invitations, why not add touch of polish with an embosser or self inking stamp for your return address? Even if you’re not DIY-ing your invitations, there is sometimes an added charge when ordering invites for just the return … Continue reading Custom Stamps and Embossers

Rehearsal Dinner Invites

One of the most common details that slips through the cracks of wedding planning is the rehearsal dinner invitations.  It definitely skipped past my radar, unfortunately!  After a successful run-through of our ceremony, my huge wedding party and out of town family members became a huge mess of confusion.  Where was dinner?  What time are … Continue reading Rehearsal Dinner Invites

A Moment for Stationery

Are you clueless about your wedding stationery?  Wedding websites, etiquette books, and message boards are full of advice to help you create the best invitations for your party, word them graciously, and personalize them.  Here is a fantastic article on Huffington Post today called 10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Stationer.  Which is … Continue reading A Moment for Stationery


I found this on pinterest.  You can purchase them from etsy (this seller), or have fun making them yourself!  What a fantastic keepsake- the funniest, or most touching, can be framed and hung in your home.         Images via here.