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Cord of Three Strands

  Rather than lighting the traditional unity candle, couples are opting for other ways to unite themselves symbolically at their weddings. Here is a recent “Cord of Three Strands” tied at Heather’s Glen. The image below describes the meaning of each color and was handed to guests as they entered the ceremony.   A very … Continue reading Cord of Three Strands

Vow ABCs

What a beautiful wedding day it is today!  Congratulations to Amy and Chris!  I wanted to mention their unique vows.  Amy announced that, as a kindergarten teacher, she wanted to supplement her vows with her ABCs of love.  For each letter, she recited a phrase or meaningful tidbit about their love and her promise to him.  … Continue reading Vow ABCs

A Beautiful Wedding Video

Bonnie emailed this over to me today.  I’ve never seen one like it!  It’s like a music video.  It definitely evokes a lot of emotion; I see weddings week after week, but this video really made me tear up!  Enjoy: http://vimeo.com/8182846 Does anyone know anybody in the Houston area that does videos like this?  Please … Continue reading A Beautiful Wedding Video

Twittering at the Altar!

So has everyone seen the new wedding viral youtube video?  After the couple says their vows, the groom stops before their kiss to update his facebook status to “married” and update his twitter.  Watch the video below! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSkT5XykJzo I’ve yet to see that at Heather’s Glen, but we have had a bride pull out her … Continue reading Twittering at the Altar!

Wedding Quotes

To have printed on your programs, invitations, favors, or on your wedding website, a lovely quote about love or marriage can be a nice touch.  I’ve done a little research, and here are some of my favorites. “He is husband, she is wife.  She fears not him, they fear not life.” -Robert Frost “One word … Continue reading Wedding Quotes