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This very incredible video of a priest singing during a couple’s wedding mass has recently gone viral.  I have a feeling someone’s going to be requested for weddings for many years to come!  

“One Day More” Flash Mob

The bride and groom enjoyed a special surprise gift from the bride’s father last Saturday evening:  a flash mob, performed by a talented high school group.  Check out the video below.   Congratulations, Rachael and Anthony!

A Moment In Time

On Sunday morning, I had an appointment with a bride who told me their engagement story.  A lover of all things Legend of Zelda, her fiance planned out a huge, elaborate game of her own, including maps and a wooden sword, and ending with a stunner of a past present future engagement ring!  It had … Continue reading A Moment In Time

Not Your Typical Love Story

I came across this video on my facebook feed after a friend shared it. It is a very intriguing faith-based love story; no matter what your faith, I think most people would find this young woman’s choices very compelling. Watch it when you have the time (the clip is about 8 minutes), and I would … Continue reading Not Your Typical Love Story

Wedding Webstops

I remember when a friend of mine first got engaged a few years ago, she was marveling that once she had a ring on her finger, she became part of a whole wedding culture that she didn’t even know had existed.  Once a person’s wedding radar is turned on, their lives become flooded with websites, … Continue reading Wedding Webstops

Minister vs. Photographer

Your wedding photographer may ask you if there are any restrictions at your ceremony for pictures.  Usually ceremony venues don’t have any restrictions, and sometimes churches do.  But even if you’ve cleared it with the actual ceremony site, be sure to double check with your minister if you don’t happen to know him or her … Continue reading Minister vs. Photographer

The Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

The Great Gatsby doesn’t hit theaters until May 10th, but the buzz surrounding Baz Luhrmann’s latest movie is in full swing!  Bridal retailers are all aboard the Gatsby train, including Tiffany & Co., BHLDN, and check out this season’s latest Weddings in Houston cover. Are you a Gatsby fan?  Will you include vintage, roaring-twenties themed … Continue reading The Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

Venue Toast & Tour Footage

We’re excited to share footage of the first Venue Toast & Tour from last month.  Film the Day did a fantastic job of documenting the evening! Woodlands Bride Venue Tour from Randy Turner on Vimeo.   If you haven’t already seen it on Facebook, Film the Day also produced a lovely welcome from Heather:  

Extreme Marriage Proposals

Marriage proposals are getting more and more out there.  Check out this video:   What are your thoughts?  Is it too much pressure for a guy?  Or, if he has the means, should he go all out?  

Monica & David

This weekend I watched a fantastic documentary called Monica & David, which told the story of a couple who both have Down’s Syndrome. We watch footage of the two weeks before the wedding, and then follow the couple throughout their first year of marriage. The documentary is only about an hour long (I found it … Continue reading Monica & David