Christmas Love and Heart-Shaped Cinammon Buns!

I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas yesterday!  We sure did, but now it’s back to the grind to prepare for all of the brides who are getting engaged over the holidays.  Could this include you, hmm?  We’d love to hear about it if you got engaged during the Christmas season! 

My brother told me about a spectacular wedding proposal he saw on youtube recently- but I’m having no luck finding the video.  It includes a woman accusing him of cheating at a restaurant, and ends in a surprise dance proposal.  Sounds strange, I know.  Let me know if you’ve seen the video, so I can share it! 

Until then, I’ll share an idea for a sweet treat for your honey.  You have to sneak them in before the New Year, however, if you’re planning on starting 2012 in a healthy way!  I give you…heart-shaped cinammon buns.  If you know me, you know I won’t be rolling out any dough any time soon, so I’m looking into buying the store bough can and shaping them this way!  I found the recipe and photo on this blog here.  Enjoy!