City-themed Weddings

I love location-themed weddings.  You know, when a city is special to a couple and they really bring that location’s flavor into the wedding.  This weekend, I went to a cousin’s wedding in New Orleans, and in true New Orleans fashion, the food and music were sensational!  To give you a taste, surf ‘n turf served at the reception was cornbread stuffed pheasant and fried catfish!  My cousin and his new wife shared their first dance to the iconic Louis Armstrong song La Vie En Rose.  So incredibly romantic!

I’ve seen photos of Manhattan weddings where the couple does a getaway in an old-fashioned yellow taxi cab instead of a limo;  Houston receptions can be held at the Astros ballpark; many couples roll the dice on love in Vegas with an elopement. 

What makes/made your wedding location special to you as a couple?