December Madness

December is here, and the madness begins! Well, let’s be honest: the madness began before Thanksgiving was here, when Christmas music was already on the radio! If you did manage to push the holiday season off until it’s proper arrival, I admire you. Like many people, I resolve each season to balance myself and enjoy the upcoming festivities without becoming too stressed.  I can say
that for the second day of December, so far so good.  Ask me in a week if I STILL haven’t managed to think of the perfect gift for my impossible-to-shop-for husband.  Any ideas?

In the spirit of this one-sided discussion about being present in the moment, I want to share with you a photo-op many of us forget about on our wedding day.

Don’t forget a shot of something sentimental from your wedding with the newspaper date that day!  You get extra points for keeping the front page that day, to look back on years down the road.

Happy December!

Photo via here.