Disney World Discovery

I found this serendipitous story on Pinterest recently:

Photo via here.

In case the text is a little to small, it reads: “An engaged couple was looking through photo albums as they put together a slide show of pictures of them growing up to be shown at their wedding.  The young lady pulled out a picture of herself at Disney World and set it aside.  When her fiance looked at it, he was shocked.  For there in the background was his father, pushing him in a stroller!  Not only did they discover they had been at the same place at the same time, but they actually snapped a picture at that exact moment and captured it, only to be discovered years later.”

Sometimes it’s incredible to discover small decisions we make in life to lead us to meeting our spouse.  A split decision to go out with friends when you had planned on staying in, the choice to go to one get together over another, or a random decision to pick up that extra shift at work- these small choices could make a huge impact on who we encounter each day!  I love to hear my parents muse about how many of the same parties they had probably attended before actually finally being introduced to each other.  For this couple to discover not only had they been at Disney World as children so many years ago at the same time, but for it to be captured in a photo, is so exciting.  It kind of makes me want to take more pictures in crowds, to see who I could discover years from now!

Have you and your fiance discovered any coincidences from your past, before you had met, or did a split, seemingly-random decision cause you to meet the one you will marry?