Do you know what your husband looks like?

Before you put on your glasses in the morning?  I didn’t.  I mean, I assumed he looked the same as when I had my glasses on or my contacts in.  But I didn’t KNOW. 

I do now 🙂  He looks great!

I got corrective eye surgery everyone!  Let me tell you what happened.  I was very jealous that Lela and Heather were scratching things off their “bucket lists” like mad (hello- Heather flew an airplane), and I didn’t really have anything on mine. 

Then Lela suggested I do something great for myself, like fix my awful vision!  I’m sooo glad I did!  I went to the Lasik Vision Institute of Houston (where she went a few years ago) and had an AWESOME experience!  You can tell from the pics how much fun we had- this is not your typical doctor’s visit.  Each person who works there is fun, professional, and knowledgeable.  Dr. January, the opthamologist, is funny and charming.  Dr. Sadighi, the optometrist, is witty, brilliant, and perpetually wears high heels.  Kind of amazing.

If you’re a glasses/lens wearer and are thinking about doing something wonderful for yourself before you get hitched, I would recommend getting eye surgery.  A touching ceremony can mean tears, and a beach honeymoon can mean swimming: both way better when you can open your eyes and not worry about contacts or glasses!

Joann and me! She's gonna help me get rid of these glasses! But not until we had some serious eye makeup talk.
Heather tried to help me relax with her usual antics.
Joannay is so wonderful and sweet! Thank you for putting up with me being a big baby about eyedrops!
Don't worry- Lela and her coffee were there too. I had tons of moral support.


Time to get serious.
Before surgery: "I'm sorry, I have no idea what that big letter up there is. Are you sure it's not a number?"
After surgery: "You mean I get to wear these dorky goggles for a month while I sleep? And Heather's going to wear some too for moral support?"

The best part is that I wake up and go to sleep without hassling with contacts or dry eyes anymore.  I love it.  This is definitely the best thing I’ve done this year!  I don’t know why you’re still reading this- call the Lasik Vision Institute of Houston NOW at (713) 490-0880.  The consultation is FREE!

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