Fairytale Weddings at Heather’s Glen

Heather’s Glen is the perfect location for your fairytale wedding, and if you don’t believe us, a recent editorial in Weddings in Houston proves it.

“An enchanted garden, lush with greenery and dense with flowers.  A private chapel nestled in a forest clearing.  Heather’s Glen offers both of these, and more.  It’s sun-dappled secret garden includes waterfalls, seasonal blooms, and brick pathways with charming vignettes throughout the inviting grounds.  Meanwhile, the chapel has both Victorian and garden accents, along with a special staircase fit for a grand entrance.

‘The property has an incredible timelessness,’ says Heather George, owner of Heather’s Glen. ‘The lighting in the garden makes the grounds feel enchanted and romantic.  As the sun goes down, chandeliers and lanterns in the garden and reception room light up, along with uplighting in the trees and twinkling lights on the trellises.'”

Thank you for the mention, Weddings in Houston Magazine!

Image via Caroline Ann Photography

Image via Caroline Ann Photography

Image via Endless Exposures Photography

Image via Dave Dilauro Photography