Fifth Anniversary

Last week my husband and I celebrated our fifth anniversary.  We’ve been doing pretty well with our traditional gifts, except this year the traditional gift is…wood.  Yeah.  I couldn’t think of anything fun, and I knew he’s been wanting a french press, so I got him one of those and mentioned that I went with the modern gift of stainless steel.  The modern five year gift is silverware, but he didn’t have to know that, right?

Five years feels like a big milestone!  I wish I had done my wooden research earlier and presented my husband with a cute and sentimental gift (although we are loving the french press!).  Here are a few sweet ideas I found.

1. A cuckoo clock.  I’m putting this one first because it’s what I *really* would want for my own home.  It’s quite an investment for an authentic one, though.  The modern white versions are super sleek too!


White cuckoo clock

2.  I love the idea of outdoor furniture as a wooden gift also, like a porch swing or picnic table.

Image via here.

3.  A butcher block.  You can buy freestanding ones, or have one installed like this baby:

Image via here.

I’d like to take a moment to defend this last gift.  I have a teeny tiny kitchen, and sometimes I’d just rather order takeout then lug out all of my cutting boards and try to make room for them to cook.  Anyone else have this problem?  No?  Just me, huh.  I know these gifts aren’t the most romantic, per se, but many couples are investing more into their homes after 5 years than jewelry and other romantic gifts.  Next year’s traditional gift is iron and sugar; I wonder what I’ll come up with then.

Do you have any cute wooden fifth anniversary ideas?