Foresight Footage

With the abundance of good quality video cameras most of us are carrying in our phones these days, it’s not uncommon for a marriage proposal to be caught on “film.”  I remember being so proud that my husband had the foresight to have someone take pictures of that special moment for us.  A lot of people even hire professional photographers and videographers, and then relive the action with family and friends.

I read about an incredibly clever groom, who had the proposal filmed, but kept the video a secret.  Then, on their wedding day, the best man announced that there would be a surprise for the bride.  She then saw for the first time, the video of her now husband proposing to her, and enjoyed the moment with all of their guests.  Now that, my friends, is foresight!  Read more about their story here.

Do you have your engagement documented, either by film or photos?  Email me the footage if you’d like me to share your special moment here on the blog!

Photo via here.