Forever 21 Wedding Shop

Forever 21 has a wedding shop.

Let me repeat that: Forever 21 has a wedding shop!

We had the most stunning bride and groom elope here this past Thursday, and the bride’s gown was GORGEOUS.  I commented on it and she excitedly told me she got it from Forever 21 – I didn’t even know they had a bridal shop, but they totally do.

It’s not just bride’s dresses; they’ve got an entire bridesmaid section, accessories, lingerie, jewelry, handbags.  This is huge news.  For one, there is literally nothing more beautiful to a bridesmaid’s ear than, “Hey, here is your dress, it costs less than $70.”

forever 21 bridesmaid gowns

Maybe you’re eloping at Heather’s Glen and you don’t necessarily want a $3k dress because you’d like to spend the money on your dream honeymoon instead.  No biggie, here’s a $78 gown!

Image via Forever 21

I know what you’re thinking.  And to that I say: