Fresh Flower Chair Makeover


Well, let me just say: this photo sure does make it look easy.  My advice is to stick with the professionals.  Hire a florist!  Some of my favorites are Cheryl’s Flowers, The Blooming Idea, and The Blossom Shop.  Today I attempted chair makeovers with fresh florals.

Here are the supplies I used:


Assorted flowers and greenery; florist tape; florist wire; flower cutters.

For this first look, which I actually like best, I stuck with a simple concept.  I used eucalyptus (smells great) and added a single rose in that lovely dusty pink color.  I’m happy with the result.


This second look really tried my patience.  I wound the eucalyptus on a wire heart (found at Hobby Lobby), and while I think it looks adorable, it took way to long to be able to do for my own wedding.  I cannot stress enough that this DIY is for inspirational purposes only.  Hire a professional!


The third look is a simple hydrangea, orange rose, and greenery.  I tied it together and tried to K.I.S.S. (That is, keep it simple, stupid).


Which is your favorite?

One thought on “Fresh Flower Chair Makeover

  • September 1, 2015 at 10:04 am

    A very beautiful way to decorate a chair! These are some great examples of ways to make it unique decor.

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