Hair & Makeup Outfits

The last time I was in a wedding, I thought I was being really brilliant by remembering to wear a button-down top to my hair and makeup session. Evidently, it’s a rookie mistake to wear a top that you would have to hoist over your head, which could potentially smear your makeup or ruin your perfect coif. It turns out I was only being halfway brilliant; it never occurred to me that the professional photographer would be taking pics of us getting ready, and so I was snapped wearing a dingy button up! If I get brave enough (or receive at least one comment requesting it), I will post a pic of this.

Check out the darling towels one of our brides wore recently. Her mother made them for her, along with matching ones for her bridesmaids. Wearing something so adorable not only kept their hair and makeup perfect, but also looked painfully cute in their photos. Gratis: a shot of their spectacular decor!


What will you wear for your hair and makeup, pre-gown photos?