Irish Wedding Bells

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I’ve got Irish wedding traditions on the brain.  There are evidently a ton of Irish wedding traditions, which is kind of unsurprising considering they’re known to be a superstitious people!  Ringing bells is one, considered to keep spirits away and to remind the couple of their vows.  A not uncommon wedding favor several years back would be a little silver bell at each guest’s place, with instructions to ring the bell to make the bride and groom kiss.  This was before I worked weddings, so I don’t know if this was adorable or annoying.  Another option would be to have bells tied on to ribbon wands for your getaway pictures as the couple leave the reception.  I’d be on board with that twist of tradition, especially if they were lovely like the ones below.

Image via here.

Will you be incorporating any Irish traditions into your wedding?