Just Married

I will never forget leaving my wedding reception.  My husband and I went to his car, to discover with dismay that one of (his!) guests had painted unsavory well-wishes with shoe polish all over his vehicle.  Perhaps her intentions were to be funny, but we were really disappointed about having to take the car to the hotel that way, and then being late on our honeymoon the next day because we had to go to the car wash.  If you are thinking about decorating a bride and groom’s car, DON’T!  Unless you’re going to provide a limo for them to travel with while you then wash their car, it’s going to be a huge inconvenience and embarrassment for the couple.  Or, if you simply MUST decorate their car, do so with taste, with something that would be cute in pictures and easy to remove (a cute banner or flowers)- NOT with shoe polish!






Yes, I am still bitter about my husband’s friend’s “gift.”  I think it’s one of my missions in life to prevent it from happening to other people, too!


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