Kevin & Ronda Trow: December 2nd, 1995

As we continue to celebrate our 25th year in business at Heather’s Glen, we’ve reached out to brides who were married here early on.  The history of this venue is so important to us – not just because the property itself is historical, but because so many families begin here.  Each time a couple exchange vows here, and then go on to start their lives, and then come back with their children years later to take photos and reminisce – well, it’s just a wonderful reminder of how meaningful our work is here.  We love and pray for our couples, and are truly honored when they choose Heather’s Glen as the starting point for their lives together.

Kevin and Ronda Trow married here on December 2, 1995.  Their beautiful wedding photos became some of our first marketing materials; here they are on some old brochures!

Several years later, their son got married here, too!  They were able to recreate family photos in the same location as their parents’ wedding photos.  How amazing is that?!

When I asked Mrs. Trow if she had any memories of Jamie, Heather’s mother who passed away in 2004, she had the kindest words: “Jamie was the most kind and loving person.  She made our wedding extra special with her caring ways and knowing how to make someone feel extra special.  She adored her daughter and cared about the community…I know Jamie would be so proud of the legacy that she has left behind.”

Thank you so much, Ronda and Kevin, for choosing Heather’s Glen in 1995 and sharing your life with us since!