Las Vegas Wedding Convention: Year 3

Okay, as promised, here are some snapshots of Lela and Heather at the wedding conference in Vegas.

One of the most important stops for Heather’s Glen is the famous Bellagio gardens.  They landscape seasonally, and we get tons of creative ideas for cute vignettes in our own gardens.


While photo booths have been a huge trend in weddings for a few years now, personalized green screens have really been making a statement.  Check out Heather & Co. virtually hanging out in Vegas.  (They really were in a Vegas, this is just a green screen shot!)


Each year we have also made it a point to take the wedding chapel tour in Vegas.  Vegas does more weddings annually than any other state.  I think it’s official name is the Elopement State (I just made that up).  One stop on this tour was the Hartland Mansion, a popular location for weddings.  Here is a shot of Dr. Toni Hart in her mansion.



And here are a couple of extra photos: one of the classroom, and one of a gourmet popcorn bar, aka the cutest thing ever.