Married Couple Dies Holding Hands

Entertainment news constantly bombards our tvs, facebook feeds, and web browsers with celebrity stories of divorce and betrayal.  Ugh.  That’s why we love to spread the word when wholesome stories of love and commitment make it into the news!

Last week an Iowa couple made headlines throughout the country.  After 72 years together, Gordon and Norma Yeager died holding hands. An unfortunate car accident brought the couple to the hospital, where their beds were pushed together in the ICU.  While Mr. Yeager passed away first, his monitor continued to pick up a heartbeat, but it was not his own: his wife’s heartbeat was still pulsing through his body through their hand-holding.  An hour later, Mrs. Yeager passed away. 

The couple’s four children reported that their death is indicative of their marriage, that they were inseparable.  “Dad used to say that a woman is always worth waiting for,” their son Dennis Yeager said. “Dad waited an hour for her and held the door for her.”

So sweet!  And great advice from dad! 



Gordon and Norma Yeager