More about Your Wedding Registry: Dos and Don’ts

I blogged about fine china a few blogs back.  Then I realized that brides may be a bit clueless when it comes to their wedding registry.  I know that I was!  I had no idea what to register for, what not to register for, where to register, etc.  Unless this isn’t your first merry-go-round, it’s likely that you walk into Macy’s pretty clueless. 

The first thing to remember is that just because the sales clerks tell you that this is your “wish list” and hand you a checklist of things to register for, does not mean that you have to go crazy, or that you have to register for each thing on the list.   Be reasonable.  Here are a couple of things I hate seeing on registries:

1.  Luggage.  Really?  You want me to give you that?

2.  Furniture.  Hmm.  No.

3.  Entertainment items.  A $2000 TV?  Seriously?

4.  Money registries/honeymoon registries.  I just find this one kind of rude.  You’re getting married and everyone knows you need money.  If they don’t go for the towels, they’ll probably slip a check into a card.  It’s easier than shopping, but don’t tell them to do it. 

Otherwise, yes, your registry is a wish list of sorts.  Your friends and family do want to help you put together your first home, by furnishing it with all of the kitchen, bed, and bath essentials. Many will want to contribute the beautiful extras like a crystal vase (for the flowers your husband will bring you all of the time), or an elegant double-frame to display a photo of you and your groom next to your invitation. 

I suppose my advice goes back to simply being reasonable.  Asking for a mantle clock is one thing, asking for a grandfather clock is another!

One more thing.  I know people love to do it, but I can’t bear it.  DO NOT PUT WHERE YOU ARE REGISTERED ON YOUR WEDDING INVITATION!  Put it on shower invitations.  Put it on your wedding website.  Tell people when they ask.  But on the actual cardstock that gives the time, location, and appropriate dress of the wedding, do NOT tell them where to then purchase your wedding gift. 

Happy wedding registering!