New Year, Wedding Fitness, & Engagement Resolutions

If you come in for an appointment today or tomorrow, you’ll have to excuse my walk as we tour.  Thing is, I’m wobbling right now.  I’m under the influence of Day 3 of Wii AE Active.  And it’s kicking my behind! 

Engagement season is upon us, as well as New Years resolutions.  So what’s everyone doing?   If you have a gym membership, you’ll notice every January-February the attendance seems to skyrocket at your favorite workout venue.  While losing weight is one of the most popular resolutions, I want to encourage our brides to focus less on “skinny” and more on “fitness.”  How great would it be to not only feel healthy in your bathing suit on your honeymoon, but also be able to take a run on the beach for more than five minutes?! 

I’m avoiding the crowded gym myself for the next month.  I’m challenging myself to the 30-Day Challenge on our Wii AE Active.  Heather’s Glen staffers each got a free Active when we went on the Ellen Degeneres Show last May, but now that we’ve got a Wii, we’re finally trying it at my house!  Sore muscles, wobbly walk = working!  I’ve also heard great things about the Wii Fit.  Anyone have any reviews of either program?

If you’re having trouble getting motivated, I will tell you two things:  1.  Your face is the first place to show that you’re losing weight.  That’s usually a huge motivator for me, because I get a puffy face and that’s what’s in the pics!  2.  Your arms respond very well and very quickly to simple weight training.  Feeling and seeing your body get stronger is an awesome feeling!

But I still want to hear from you guys.  Any New Years/Engagement resolutions?  Doesn’t have to be about fitness.  Who is resolving to not let wedding planning stress get the best of them?  I hope all of you!  Happy New Years!