Ornamental Love

I told Heather I wanted to do some DIY projects on the blog.  We ended up making some yummy Christmas ChexMex Mix, and then ate most of it and forgot to document any of it.  I don’t really mean recipes anyway, I mean more of crafty, Pinterest-inspired projects.  For example, I think it would be really sweet (and simple!) to save some treasures from your wedding this year to be transformed into mementos for your tree next Christmas. Any craft store sells these clear, hollow ornaments that are probably half off right now.  Grab some and keep these ideas in mind.

Curling strips of your wedding invitation:

Keeping sand and shells from your honeymoon:

Drying flower petals from your bouquet and his boutonierre, and a cork from the wine or champagne:


Or even dropping in one of your wedding favors, if it fits, would be a really cute idea.  Add some ribbon and jingle bells and you’re set.  I did this last year for my husband using one of his news stories (he’s an editor for a newspaper), and it came out adorable in a clear, heart-shaped ornament.

Images via here, here, here, and here.