Post-it Sentiments

Lela and I were at my bank the other day, driving through the ATM, when I spotted what looked like a guy breaking into a car in the parking lot.  Since Lela was driving, I asked her to drive us over there to check out the situation.  It was strange because he was crouched down next to the driver’s side of a car, and looked like he was writing something, but I still thought it could be something shady.  By the time we made it over there, he had left, but the car looked like this:

The car was covered on that side with post-it notes!  Here’s a closer photo to give you an idea of what was on the post-its:

Can you read them?  They say things like “trust,” “respect,” and “I love you.”  We were relieved that no crime had taken place, and delighted to see the act of love.  I wonder what the owner of the car thought of the gesture!