Rainy Day Post & Bridal Open House Party Reminder

What a rainy week we’re having!  It works out, though- rain during the week means ultra-green garden weddings on the weekend!  The weather will clear up by Friday, thankfully, because we’re having our Open House Party.  You’re all going to be there, right?  Don’t forget!  This Friday night, 6pm-9pm.  There will be tons of food, drinks, and music.  If you’re booked for your wedding and you’d like to try some of our menu, or see everything lit up at night, or if you’ve never been here before, this will be a great opportunity!  Oh yes, and there will also be prizes 🙂  Can’t forget that!

I’ve lost 20 pounds in the past 3 months.  I’m not even kidding.  I started out with Weight Watchers, then I joined Bikram Yoga in The Woodlands.  That’s when it really started coming off!  Brides who are looking to lose some weight and de-stress before the wedding, I’m looking at you!  Bikram Yoga is AWESOME.

In other news, I have my sister’s baby shower on Sunday.  Looking up shower games, I realized how badly wedding (and baby) showers need a game makeover!  I’m tired of the same old bridal word search or word scramble.  Anyone know of any good games or shower planning website?  Let me know!